Embryo Transfer Services - Albia, Iowa

We offer complete embryo transfer work performed by our talented veterinary staff at the Albia location. We provide bovine donor housing and care that includes cow-calf pairs and recipient herd availability. You can save embryos as well take advantage of our embryo freezing services. We are able to transfer fresh or frozen embryos. In addition to these services, we offer reproductive consultations including synchronization programs.


What is Embryo Transfer?

Embryo Transfer (ET) is an advanced reproductive technology and a progressive tool that can help you produce more offspring from an elite cow and can extend the impact of outstanding cattle genetics. Conventional ET involves specific hormonal treatment (with follicle stimulating hormone) of donor cows and heifers to cause multiple follicles to ovulate. The donors are bred using artificial insemination (AI) following this super ovulation regime and estrus or standing heat. Approximately seven days after AI, embryos are non surgically collected or “flushed” from the donor’s uterus and transferred fresh, or cryopreserved (frozen) into recipients who will serve as surrogate mothers. ET collection can be performed on a donor female every 28-60 days. The average number of embryos per collection is 5 - 6, but may vary. Some donor collections result in zero viable embryos, while other donor collections may yield more than 20 viable embryos.

We offer
  • Complete Embryo Transfer Work
  • Transfer of Fresh or Frozen Embryos
  • Embryo Freezing
  • Recipient Herd Availability
  • Reproductive Consultation Including Synchronization Programs
  • Complete Herd Work
  • Emergency Services
  • Bovine Donor Housing and Care, including Cow/Calf Pairs

Our Staff

You can feel confident knowing that our Embryo Transfers are conducted by highly-trained, large animal specialists. We take special care in ensuring that all of your Embryo Transfer work is done right. Whether you are trying to extend the lineage of a champion or strengthening the genetics of a herd, we are there for you. Our state-of-the-art facilities help us provide optimal care for your herd. Our staff is always willing to answer any of your questions and are looking forward to caring for your animals.

Ryan Howard, D.V.M., Owner

Large and Small Animal Medicine

Dr. Ryan Howard is originally from Moulton, Iowa. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from Iowa State University. He completed his Doctorate from Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine in May 2012. Dr. Howard enjoys working with both large and small animals. In his free time, Ryan enjoys being outdoors and hunting. He enjoys spending time with his wife Briana and their three boys Kaison, Keadon and Keplan.

Andrew Nibe, D.V.M., Owner

Large and Small Animal Medicine and Surgery, Embryo Transfer

Dr. Andrew "Dewey" Nibe was born and raised on a crop & livestock farm near Blairsburg, Iowa. After graduating from Northeast Hamilton High School, he pursued a college education at Ellsworth Community College in Iowa Falls. He attended Iowa State University where he completed his Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science and then graduated from the College of Veterinary Medicine in 2006. He has exclusive experience in cow/calf production medicine as well as small animal medicine and surgery. Dr. Nibe processes cattle at the Russell Livestock Market. In his spare time he enjoys following the Chicago Cubs, fishing and spending time on his farm with his family. He is married to Dr. Kelli Nibe and they currently live on a farm in Melrose with their daughters Claire and Amelia.

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*Animal Health Center of Oskaloosa is now open until 7pm on the first Wednesday of the month!

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